Do you need something to bring?

We have nagajuban(long undergarment), tabi-socks, japanese sandals and small bag.
All prices include everything you need.

How long does it take by setting hair and dressing kimono?

It takes about 60minites totally.(choosing kimono-20minites, dressing kimono-20minites, setting hair -20minites)
It gets crowded during peak periods, please allow enough time for your schedule.
※If you take a lot of time to choose your kimono, turn can be changed.

Do you have any sizes of kimono?

Available in different sizes. (S-BL160-180cm)
※Over 180cm, it comes little short and see ankle.

Can I leave our clothes and bags?

You can leave your baggage except valuables in our locker or reception until 7:30pm.

Do you have hair accessories?

We have hair accessories 500 yen (w/out TAX) as many as desired.

Can I choose hair set?

Choose one from several hair styles in our catalog.

How do I return your kimono?

Please return it by 7:30pm.

Do you have something to protect against the cold?

We have haori-coat for rental.

Can I set my hair by myself at your shop?

You can not use our dresser, hot curler and so on. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I use credit card?

We accept credit card.

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